Pillars has been honored to secure the following contracts, allowing us to extend our reach and amplify our impact on both the local and state-wide levels.

Cultural Fest- Completed

Pillars Initiative has been contracted by the Office of Behavioral Health Prevention and Federal Grants (OBHPFG) within DBHDD to organize a cultural festival in Savannah, Georgia, aimed at promoting Substance Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Promotion, and Suicide Prevention. Our team is committed to providing culturally competent programming, activities, and prevention messaging in multiple languages to engage and educate the diverse communities in attendance.

In addition to overseeing the project, Pillars Initiative will develop a comprehensive toolkit for OBHFG. This toolkit will provide detailed information on the process, resources used, and sustainability procedures for future events, ensuring that this cultural festival serves as a model for similar initiatives in the future.

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Financial Literacy

Pillars Initiative is proud to be chosen as one of the two participants in the highly competitive National African American Child and Family Research Center Community Pilot Program. With this opportunity our organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for underserved and at-risk children and families in Dekalb County, Georgia.

To promote financial stability and break the cycle of poverty, we have integrated a comprehensive financial literacy program into our Transitions Life Skills course. With a specific focus on single-parent families and teenagers aged 16-19, our goal is to empower them with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals.

We are excited to collaborate with NAACFRC and other partners to improve the well-being of African American children and families in our community.

Life Skills and Mentorship

Pillars Initiative has partnered with the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC) to provide our  Transitions Life Skills Program and mentoring services to foster care youth. This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting and empowering young people in the foster care system as they transition into adulthood.

Through our partnership with MAAC, we offer personalized life skills training and one-on-one mentoring to foster care youth, focusing on independent living skills, education and career planning, financial literacy, and emotional well-being. With our comprehensive approach, we aim to boost their self-confidence, resilience, and overall readiness for independent living. At Pillars Initiative, we are honored to serve alongside MAAC and make a positive impact on the lives of foster care youth, helping them overcome challenges and thrive as they navigate the journey to adulthood.